Amazon Advertising

Full service for your advertising account with profit sharing
We manage your entire advertising account, try to achieve the maximum with your desired ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and keep you personally informed about the success of your campaigns. Through our smooth process, your campaigns can be ready to go within a few days, all for an unbeatable transparent price.

9 % from advertising sales

Transparent costs depending on performance

We take care of all the necessary tasks to maximize the success of your advertising campaigns on Amazon. We focus primarily on achieving the desired ACOS by constantly finding new keywords, adjusting bids according to predefined rules and monitoring performance. Our price is variable based on the success of the advertising campaigns we manage at a fixed amount of 9 % from the achieved sales of the campaigns.

Personal project manager

We are always at your side with answers

Through an efficient process, we enable our clients to get management for their Amazon Advertising in the shortest possible time. 

Your personal project manager will accompany you from the beginning and discuss all details with you. You will then be informed about the progress and success of the campaigns in regular performance calls. We are always available to answer any questions you may have. 

Setting up the structure and maintaining the campaigns

No annoying adjusting of bids or searching for keywords

During this process, our advertising team will take care of building the campaign structure for your products, setting up campaigns with different orientations for each product and finding the necessary keywords. 

On the fly, we use AI-powered tools to identify successful keywords and weed out bad ones, set the right bids, and detect events. We react live when a competitor product sells out or loses the Prime Badge.

Your agency for Amazon Advertising

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